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Ristorante Meeting Matrimoni Certaldo

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Tel: 0571/66.51.22

Cell: +39.349/32.19.668


Who We Are

The owners have tried to keep the salt in the air we breathed a time, have brought to light ancient times and floors that characterized the homes at the time of Boccaccio, trying to give an impression to the local medieval flavor, but most have rediscovered the ancient recipes of the time. Then “Da Messer Boccaccio” is a typical restaurant where it’s possible to eat onion soup, made with Certaldo’s red onion, and many others, reinsert full menu, to rediscover the now increasingly sophisticated palates of the people, the tastes and smells of a time gone.

To make this experience even more intense experience of scents, the owners of "Da Messer Boccaccio" came up, for customers who want to experience a pleasant experience, themed dinners, during the autumn and winter.